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Malai Barfi

Malai Barfi is one of most favourite sweets in most parts of India. Malai literally means cream and barfi can be similar to fudge or soft flapjack. This sweet is made from milk solids and sugar. It has a soft but granular texture. Traditional recipe takes quite long to prepare but this version makes it comparatively very quick and with very few ingredients that are readily available.


I always find that Middle Eastern and Arabic food have similar flavours and dishes to Indian food. 

International cuisine is often influenced by local ingredients. Making foreign dishes with locally available ingredients results in the creation of fusion food.

Pancakes are one such dish which has a variety of forms, flavours, toppings, stuffings and drizzles across the world.


Flavored milk is one of the favourite drinks in Indian subcontinent. It is also a basis of various desserts. It's very versatile depending on the season. It is either served cold when used as a rose flavoured milk to beat the Summer to heat. Whereas in winter Turmeric and ginger flavoured milk is used as a immunity booster.



Mother's Day

I still remember it very clearly, her content smiling face, when we celebrated my parents’ 50th anniversary. It was a surprise party for them. Aai was soaked in all the love showered on them by all their friends and family.[...]


Lent / Chaturmas

Many people make New Year’s resolutions. Some religiously follow that for a year. Some for month and for some it lasts for a week or even as short as a day.[...]


Global Christmas... through my lens

Christmas always brings happiness. Since my childhood, I have always loved this time of the year. It used to be the first long holiday after Diwali. We used to have a week long holiday for Christmas. That meant no rush to wake up early in the morning. You could have a lie-in in your cozy, warm bed.[...]

About Me

About Me

Hi, this is Pooja here. Welcome aboard. I am in love with two best things in the world - Food and Mathematics. I am a Maths teacher and a food / cooking hobbyist. If you love food and cooking for you loved ones then I am sure we are going have a wonderful journey together. Culinary Experience aims to provide you with 'Contemporarily Traditional' recipes, significance of festivals and the food associated to that festival and some presentation ideas. My aim is to provide you with all the tools to make your Indian dining experience as a fine dining experience in the comfort of your home[...]

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