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Lent / Chaturmas – time for Self-control, self-discipline and self-reflection (24-Feb-2020)


Many people make New Year’s resolutions. Some religiously follow that for a year. Some for month and for some it lasts for a week or even as short as a day. I have been there and done that, so, for the past few years, have made a resolution of not making any resolutions and funnily enough, I have managed to keep that.[...]

Global Christmas...through my lens (23-Dec-2019)


Christmas always brings happiness. Since my childhood, I have always loved this time of the year. It used to be the first long holiday after Diwali. We used to have a week long holiday for Christmas. That meant no rush to wake up early in the morning. You could have a lie-in in your cozy, warm bed.[...]

Thanksgiving - Gratitude is my attitude (28-Nov-2019)


We are almost towards the end of the year. It already feels like Christmas is here. When the TV, billboards, and magazines all start focusing on Christmas themed food, clothes and decorations, you know Christmas is here. While flicking through the channels, you come across a Christmas movies channel telecasting only Christmas movies, and you know Christmas is here.[...]

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