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Pooja’s style of cooking supersedes the definition of contemporary home-cooked Indian cuisine. She juggles demonstration, instruction and showmanship between several dishes like an expert juggler, effortlessly speaking, chopping and wafting around the kitchen and the preparation table.

We learned to make chicken korma, raita, ghee, chapati, daal and cumin rice within 2 hours and thoroughly enjoyed the meal together.

It is a culturally rich culinary experience. With the foundation knowledge of spices and sauces, we are armed with skills that are transferable to making any meat, fish or vegetarian dish.

Pooja also makes it a priority that the oils and fats that she uses to cook the dishes in are in perfect amounts, just enough to allow maximum flavour to erupt from the spices used and therefore is most suitable for even the most health-conscious diner.

Every dish was flavourful, authentic and exceptionally enjoyable.

  • Sosnov family, London. Family Cooking Session

I can honestly say that my cooking class with Pooja was a really enjoyable and informative experience (especially as I was not very familiar with preparing Indian cuisine from scratch), the easy to follow instructions with leeway for you to alter things to suit your personal taste gives great gratification. And even more so once you get to enjoy the delicious food at the end. 

I was delighted how fresh and fragrant the food turned out. We had made paneer tikka masala, jeera rice, rotis and raita. I would highly recommend Pooja’s talent when teaching and flair for cooking without hesitation.

  • Christine, London. Bespoke Cooking Session

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