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Cooking Sessions on offer

  • Couples Cooking Session

Culinary Experience specialises in providing a culinary experience for couples. 

Make it a romantic mini getaway by spending time with your partner by cooking for them or cooking together. You can then enjoy the meal prepared by you.

  • Family Cooking Session

In today’s world, everyone is busy, and juggling many responsibilities throughout the day. Even if people are willing, they are not able to give enough time for the friends and families. What could be better than a Cook with Family Session. It has proven to be a effective stress buster and creates great memories for the family to cherish for a long time.


  • Cook with Friends Session


If you are hosting a perfect dinner party in an informal environment, then Culinary Experience’s Cook with Friends Session is the perfect setting for that. Learn simple dishes with your friends and you will get to enjoy the food prepared during this session.

  • Corporate Cooking Session

Culinary Experience offers Corporate Cooking Sessions as well. This can be the perfect opportunity as a team building activity where teams learn dishes from new cuisine with fun and in collaborative manner and then dine together enjoying the food prepared by themselves. These sessions can also be used to entertain your clients while giving you opportunity to build great business relationships.


  • Bespoke Cooking Sessions


We offer Bespoke Cooking Sessions where the menu for the session will be designed as per your choice. These can be sessions covering only healthy breakfast dishes, or a variety of starter dishes or snacks or just rice dishes or only desserts.


How to book

To book a session or purchase a gift voucher for a session, please email us at

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