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What we offer

Culinary Experience is not only a food blog and recipe website, it also encourages people to cook interesting recipes for their loved ones and make that into a memorable experience. Interactive cooking sessions can be delivered at the comfort of your home, at CE venue, or hired venues.

Cooking sessions delivered by Culinary Experience do not just focus on cooking, but they also provide information about influence of Indian culture on food habits and preparation techniques etc. All sessions are interactive, with a combination of demonstration and hands on activities.

All recipes are healthy and easy to prepare. They use ingredients and spices readily available in Indian grocery shops as well as local supermarkets. Recipe cards will be provided for the menu of each session. Each session generally teaches dishes that will make a complete meal, which can then be enjoyed at the end of the session.

Recipes also have notes that will help you to adapt them, to cook using different meats, vegetarian or vegan alternatives. Most recipes can be adapted to use local produce. Sessions can be altered taking into consideration allergies and dietary requirements. All the ingredients for the recipes for the day will be provided.

Culinary Experience specialises in providing this culinary experience for couples, families, group of friends and corporate team building sessions or even bespoke sessions.

All sessions are delivered by Pooja Kolas. She is a passionate cook who is known for her healthy and easy to make recipes, which are very appetising.

Pooja has a huge experience of cooking, not only Indian food but also variety of dishes from world cuisine. She has five years of experience of teaching Indian Cooking in Community education classes in New Zealand where the class sizes varied between 16-25.


Pooja was also invited to participate in a TV show for an Indian TV channel in UK where she was shown preparing traditional Diwali delicacies.

Pooja has more than 15 years of experience of working as a teacher in sixth form college where she teaches Maths, Further Maths and Computer Science and is known for practising collaborative learning and coaching skills to get the best results with maximum value addition. These skills have always helped her to deliver effective cooking sessions.

To book a session or purchase a gift voucher for a session, please email us at

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