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Indian Monsoon

In India, we have 6 rutus or seasons. Spring(Vasant), summer(Grishma), monsoon(Varsha), autumn(Sharad), late autumn(Hemant) and winter (Shishir). Unlike, UK weather is considerably stable in India. This makes it's easy to manage your wardrobe. When summer starts you can confidently pack all your winter cardigans away. Towards end of September you can pack away your umbrella or raincoat because you will not need it guaranteed till next monsoon.

Every season not only brings different weather but brings different vegetables, fruits and hence the delicacies. As mentioned earlier, each festival celebrated has a reason why its celebrated at that time of the year and scientific reason for the rituals and food to be prepared.

Indian Monsoon is very special. Everyone is waiting for the rain as it gives relief from the scorching summer heat. Rain brings the temperature down. Weather is pleasant so you can enjoy rain. People specially arrange rain trips. You get soaked literally and also in the scenic beauty. Masala tea, Pakodas, charcoal roasted sweetcorn stalls make it special experience.


In my recent visit to India, we thoroughly enjoyed the monsoon. In fact, this time it was pouring cats and dogs. Many places had flood situations. Lot of rescue operations had to be carried out to evacuate people and animals. Really appreciate the effects of Military, police force and so many unsung heroes who volunteered to rescue people during and after flood situations. These natural calamities bring people together.


It's almost end of September but it's still raining in India and some places are still facing flood conditions. Last week, heavy rain created havoc in my city. This is probably the result of Global Warming. People are slowly getting more aware about the consequences we are going to face if we don't act now. In many places in India, it’s now compulsory for new houses and societies to make provision for water harvesting for better water management. Better late than never.


Due to rain we couldn't visit places but instead had family time. Tropical rain weather is always pleasant and that calls for masala chai and hot pakodas. Rhythmic rain, Masala chai, pakoda and company of your loved ones. What more can one ask for in life.


The platter which I am sharing with you has 4 different types of Pakodas. Some familiar but some with a twist. Ingredients are common but the process and due to which the appearance and texture is different. I am sure you will enjoy this delicious pakoda platter.  

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