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Ombré Style Pancakes

Ombré style pancakes

Pancakes is kids’ favourite weekend breakfast. Even adults can’t keep their hands off. Initially, I used to add eggs. But, personally, I don’t enjoy if any cooked foods have the smell of eggs. I am very fussy about it.

Once, I had my in-laws visiting us and my father in law used to enjoy pancakes. He had stopped eating eggs so I tried making pancakes without eggs. Since then, I have always made eggless pancakes. They are very soft, spongy and fluffy.

Every pancake day, I try to make different type of pancakes. This time I decided to make eggless ombré style pancakes with some Indian flavours.


Ombré style pancakes are shaded pancakes. In French 'ombré' means shaded. Multicoloured stack of pancakes with colours graduating from light to dark. I have used natural colours to shade them. I have used beetroot and rose syrup to create different shades of pink.


I am sharing a recipe of eggless ombré style pancakes flavoured with rose syrup, drizzled with cardamom, saffron flavoured golden syrup and garnished with rose petals, pistachios, caramelised figs and fresh fruits.


Note -

You can replace golden syrup with honey or sugar syrup.

Butter and milk can be replaced by vegan alternatives to make vegan pancakes.

Preparation time :  10 - 15 minutes

Cooking Time : 15 - 20 minutes

Serves : 4 (makes approx. 16 - 18 pancakes)

Ingredients for pancakes
Ingredients for Pink Ombré
Ingredients for Caramelised Figs
Ingredients for Garnish
Ingredients for Saffron Flavoured Golden syrup
Directions for Caramelised Figs
Directions for Saffron flavoured golden syrup
Directions for Pancakes
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