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Masala Lemonade Granita

Masala Lemonade Granita

Lemonade is a very popular drink across the world and has loads of variations. This lemon juice with sugar and salt is a very refreshing energy drink for summer. Lemon is inexpensive and readily available and has huge health benefits so no wonder its the basis for an array of beverages.

Granita is a frozen dessert made from sugar, water and any flavouring of your choice. It is originally from Sicily. It resembles a slushy or shaved ice. In Italy, it is typically served for a breakfast with a brioche during summer. It is generally sweet but can be prepared using savoury ingredients and used to be served during meal as a palate cleanser. The consistency of granules can be varied a per one’s preference.

I am serving the popular Indian lemonade – Limbu sherbet in Granita form. I am sure you will enjoy this twist to the traditional sherbet.

Preparation time :

5 minutes

Cooking time :


Total time :

4 hours (or overnight) for freezing.

Serves :



Lemon juice



Cumin powder

Chaat masala



Add all granita ingredients in a jar. Mix well until sugar dissolves. Pour in a shallow baking dish.

Freeze uncovered for an hour. Ice crystals have just started to form around the edges. Break it with a fork, stir the crystals, bring it to the centre and mash well.

Keep the container back in the freezer. Repeat this after every 45 minutes for at least 4-5 times, till you get desired granular consistency.

When ready, scoop with an Ice-cream scoop, garnish with lemon zest, mint leaves and sprinkle some chaat masala. Enjoy this delicious sweet, savoury and tangy granita.


Serving Suggestions


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