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Shankarpali is strongly associated with Diwali. Just the name Shankarpali comes with all the paraphernalia, of Diwali snacks such as Chivda, Laddoo, Karanji, Chakali. Generally, Shankarpali is one of the first Diwali snacks  that will be prepared ahead of time. As kids, we used to drop few pieces in the cup of hot milk and eat them with a spoon. As we grew up the drink changed from milk to masala tea. But, even today we all enjoy eating Shankarpali dipped in tea. But what is Shankarpali?

Shankarpali or Shakarpara is originally a sweet, deep fried dry snack specially prepared during Diwali.  Variations such as savoury (Namakpara) or spicy Shankarpali are also very delicious. These are popular Diwali snack in Maharashtra, Gujarat and in Northern India as well. Some recipes suggest baking instead of deep frying but that changes the basic taste and texture of the Shankarpali.

There is a subtle difference in the way Shankarpali and Shakarparas are prepared. Shakarpara are made by deep frying the Shakarpara pieces and then soaking them into sugar syrup so that they absorb all the sweetness.  Whereas Shankarpalis are prepared by adding sugar while preparing the dough and then deep frying.

Preparation time :

10 minutes

Cooking time :

15 - 20 minutes

Total time :

Serves :

3 - 4





Plain flour




In a pan, add milk, sugar and ghee. Heat on medium heat till sugar is dissolved.

Turn off the heat. Add little plain flour, salt and mix well. Keep adding plain flour to make a loose dough. You may need little less plain flour than a cup as you need to make loose dough.

Cover and keep aside at least for 1 hour till it cools down. If needed keep another 30 minutes.

Once its cold, dough will be tight. Knead it and divide into small balls.

Roll them into discs of medium thickness. Then cut into small diamonds.

In a pan, heat oil on medium heat. Slowly, add the diamond shaped pieces into oil and fry till they turn golden brown.

Remove from oil and place on a paper towel to drain off excess oil.

When hot, they might feel bit soft to bite. But, once, they cool down to room temperature they will have crunchy, scrumptious biscuit like texture.

Store in an airtight container to avoid becoming soft.


Serving Suggestions


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