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Christmas Dumplings with Red Mojo Sauce

Christmas Dumplings

Dumplings is everyone’s favourite food. It is a perfect warm starter or a snack during winter. Actually, it can enjoyed in any season. In India, its known as momo and is served with red chilli sauce.

My rose shaped dumplings is a perfect dish for a festive season. Its stuffing has ingredients which are typical ingredients of a Christmas meal such as turkey mince, chestnuts, red cabbage etc. I am serving these special dumplings with a Canarian red mojo sauce. They can be made before hand and can just be steamed when ready to serve.

Note: Turkey meat becomes very dry hence its essential to add mushrooms and onions to add some moisture.

Recipe for Red Mojo sauce is here.

Preparation time :

30 - 40 minutes (incl. resting time)

Cooking time :

30 minutes

Total time :

Serves :

4 - 6


Plain flour 250 grams

Oil 2 teaspoons

Salt 1/2 teaspoon

Water approximately 150 ml

Turkey mince 150 gms

Chestnuts boiled and finely chopped or roughly mashed 3/4 cup

Dried cranberries finely chopped ½ cup

Red cabbage finely grated 2 tablespoons

Salt 2 teaspoons

Black Pepper ½ teaspoon

Garlic crushed 2 cloves

Clementine juice 3 tablespoons

Onion finely chopped ½

Chestnut mushrooms finely chopped 1 cup

Oil 1 tablespoon

Chives 1 tablespoon


Directions for dough

In a bowl, add flour, salt mix well. Add oil and slowly add water to make a tight dough.

Cover and keep aside for at least 30 minutes.

Directions for stuffing

Mash potatoes and chestnuts separately.

In a mixing bowl, add mashed potatoes, chestnuts and rest of the ingredients. Mix well.

Directions for assembly

When ready, knead well. Make long roll and cut into equal pieces. (Keep covered)

Roll each piece into medium thin disc. Use cookie cutter of 3 different sizes and cut into discs of 3 different sizes. This is a set of discs to make one dumpling. Keep aside. (covered to stop them from drying).

Repeat the process for all the pieces.

Take a set of discs. Apply little flour to avoid them from sticking.

Overlap them in such a way that each one of them is half overlapped.

Add stuffing in the middle making a line, covering all three discs.

Fold them into half. Press closer to the stuffing to seal leaving the ends open we need to separate the rose petals.

Roll these half-folded discs to make rose shaped dumpling. Seal the end by applying little water.

Apply little oil to the steamer container.

Give a quick dip to each dumpling in water, gently shake off excess water and place them in steamer. (this will prevent them from hardening).

Steam for at 25-30 minutes till become glossy.

Serve hot with red mojo sauce.


Serving Suggestions


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