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Christmas Dumplings with Red Mojo Sauce


Dumplings is everyone’s favourite food. It is a perfect warm starter or a snack during winter. Actually, it can enjoyed in any season. In India, its known as momo and is served with red chilli sauce.

My rose shaped dumplings is a perfect dish for a festive season. Its stuffing has ingredients which are typical ingredients of a Christmas meal such as turkey mince, chestnuts, red cabbage etc. I am serving these special dumplings with a Canarian red mojo sauce. They can be made before hand and can just be steamed when ready to serve.

Note: Turkey meat becomes very dry hence its essential to add mushrooms and onions to add some moisture.

Preparation time :  30-40 minutes (incl. resting time)

Cooking Time : 30 minutes

Serves : 4 - 6 

Ingredients for dough
Ingredients for stuffing
Ingredients for Red mojo sauce
Directions for dough
Directions for stuffing
Directions for Red mojo sauce
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