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Halloween is celebrated as a harvest festival, or in some places, it is dedicated as a remembrance day for the saints, martyrs and all those who departed this earth for their heavenly abode. After Halloween, countdown for Christmas begins. For me, thanksgiving is a curtain raiser for Christmas. All these festivities mean time for special food, may that be spooky themed food or winter warmer food. The most important part of the celebration is family time. As I said earlier, family that eats together, stays together.

This time of the year nature looks awesome. Different shades of orange to brown are seen all around. Trees are shedding leaves and the weather is getting colder. Halloween means pumpkin time. Pumpkin carving is a special skill. I always admire people who carve pumpkins. I was wondering what people do with the pumpkin flesh that is left over after pumpkin carving. Typical dishes that come to my mind are pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie. I am sharing with you two pumpkin recipes that will make your Halloween party special.

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